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March 20 - March 28 2020


March 20 Thru
March 28 2020

Carnival Lights
and Country Nights

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To the Suwannee County Fair Livestock Show and Sale.

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Suwannee County Fair and Youth Livestock Show and Sale to be held March 20th – March 28th, 2020. The Suwannee County Fair is one of Suwannee County’s most treasured traditions. The Fair began 104 years ago and even with the changing times it continues to meet the annual challenges of encouraging and celebrating the best in our community. We provide a venue to showcase food, entertainment, business, music, innovation agriculture, art, and education. The Fair is for the people of Suwannee County and its surrounding communities. It is everything that is our community in one place for all to see. It’s 9 Days of Fun.

A special thanks to the men and women who continue to work hard all year long to keep our Fair going and to the area businesses and organizations that provide much needed support. Come to the Fair and enjoy viewing, doing and learning from all we have to offer.


Presidents Signature

Tim Alcorn