Suwannee County Fair Logo

March 20 - March 28 2020


March 20 Thru
March 28 2020

Carnival Lights
and Country Nights



Friday February 14
5pm Goat entry forms must be turned in to the Fair Office
Friday February 28
5pm Beef Heifers, Dairy, Chickens, Rabbit entry forms must be turned in to the Fair Office
Saturday 2-29
  $25.00 Late Fee assessed on all Heifer entries
9am – 10am Mandatory Goat Check in
Tuesday March 17
3pm – 5:30pm Entry of All Fine Arts Youth & Adult
Wedensday March 18
9am – 5pm Set up of Commercial Booths in Coliseum
9am – 5pm Set up of 4H Booths (only time) Exhibition II
Thursday March 19
9am – 8pm Set up of Commercial Booths Coliseum
5pm Deadline for Talent Show Entry Forms
6pm – 7pm Entry of Poultry and Rabbits
3 pm – 5 pm Entry of Creative Crafts & Quilts. Youth and Adult
6pm – 7pm Entry of Canning & Baked Goods. Youth and Adult
Friday March 20
9am-11am Entry of Beef Heifers
7pm Heifer Show
Saturday March 21
7pm Heifer Show
Sunday March 22
9pm Release of Beef Heifers
Monday March 23
8am – 10am Entry of Hogs
6:30pm Hog Showmanship
Tuesday March 24
8am – 10am Entry of Steers
6:30pm Hog Show
Wednesday March 25
6:30pm Steer Show
Thursday March 26
8:30am Hog and Steer Award Ceremony
9am Livestock Sale
2pm – 3pm Entry of Goats and Dairy Cows
6:30pm Pee-Wee Dairy Show
Friday March 27
7pm Dairy Show
Saturday March 28
7pm Goat Show
9pm Release of Goats and Dairy Cows
Sunday March 29
2pm – 3pm Release of Poultry and Rabbits
2pm – 3pm Release of Baked Goods, Arts & Crafts, Canning, Fine Arts, and Quilts
Monday March 30
9am – 5pm Removal of Commercial Booths
9am – 5pm Removal of 4H Booths